Looking for VIP upgrades and or RP?

You can purchase VIP or RP directly through our online web store. The whole system is completely automated and uses your Steam ID to link purchases directly to your user account on our servers.

All VIP upgrades are FOR LIFE and any RP purchases are carried over on regular or forced wipes!

The daily VIP-BLACK Kit items

The Ultimate Upgrade!

One time payment of £24.99 which entitles you to [VIP-BLACK] for life. Purchasing this rank will also grant you access to all other VIP kits too! If you have already purchased VIP and VIP+, please post in #staff-tickets on our Discord server before you make your purchase to get a 30% off one-time-use discount code.

What you get for life!

  • Get 300 RP per day (type /vipblack in chat)
  • 24RP per 30 mins (200% more)
  • 15 points per barrel (200% more)
  • [VIP-BLACK] Daily kit (see screenshot)
  • 6 Second teleport countdown, 12 homes and a 60-second cooldown
  • The [VIP BLACK] tag with a coloured username in chat (larger messages)
  • Access to the VIP discord chat room (regular exclusive giveaways)
  • SignArtist Permission (type /si http://linktoyourimage.com)
  • CallHeli Permission (type /callheli) to spawn heli on yourself use once per day